Outdoor Living and Fireplaces

Fireplace and patios installed

New fireplace to enjoy all year long.

McClard & Son Irrigation is adding fireplaces and patios to our list of home improvements.  The addition of a fireplace can help your backyard become a warm and inviting place for family, friends and each other.  McClard & Son Irrigation can build fireplaces from cinder blocks faced with natural stone (like the one pictured to the left), or from a kit ready to be assembled and faced with veneer stone or natural stone.

McClard & Son Irrigation can also install a fire-pit for smaller yards.  The fire-pit is good for

Outdoor fireplace and patio

Outdoor fireplace and patio

roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, drinking hot chocolate, and socializing with friends.

McClard & Son Irrigation is also installing outdoor patios.  We are installing all shapes and sizes of patios, with a sitting wall or just by itself.  These are beautiful and blend into the surroundings effortlessly.  Whatever your style, we can help to create a patio for you.

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