Landscape Lighting

Path light on stone walkway

McClard & Son Irrigation can install path lights

Contemporary landscape lighting systems are a smart investment.  McClard & Son Irrigation can professionally install and maintain your outdoor lighting system.  This will increase the value and resale of residential and commercial properties while making it the showcase of the area.

Properly installed low voltage lighting casts a beautiful glow while remaining extremely economical and safe to operate especially when compared to their high voltage system counterparts.

Architectural lighting systems are both practical and elegant. Homeowners can enjoy more hours outside in the comfort of their own homes while creating an elegant atmosphere for entertaining.

Low voltage lighting systems are expandable so they can be adapted as properties are expanded and/or owners’ needs change.

In addition to their beauty, outdoor lighting fixtures offer increased lighting for safety and security. An outdoor lighting system is the cure for any building or area masked in darkness.

Landscape Lighting

Have your home be more secure with Landscape Lighting by MCClard & Son Irrigation

There are seven advantages to choosing Landscape Lighting.

1) Low voltage outdoor lights have less potential in damaging root systems; for outdoor lighting fixtures, low voltage fixtures that are small and concealable can easily fit within the landscape.

2) Outdoor lighting that uses low voltage lights as opposed to high voltage lighting, accents the landscape.

3) It adds safety to your home. Outdoor lighting specifically provides safer steps in going inside the house or walking around elevated sidewalks. Deck lights on pool decks may define the pathway while garden lighting makes the pathway clear of any obstacles that may be in the way.

4) Outside lighting brings security against burglars because it gives an impression that someone is home. The Landscape lighting system like yard lighting, patio lighting and path lighting functions as your house guard especially when you are out of town.

5) Outdoor lighting fixtures that are flexible for positioning offers freedom to move especially when landscape matures.

Landscape Lighting uses low voltage lighting for several good reasons. First, low voltage lights are safe particularly around water features like the deck lights beneath the pools or on the fountains and wells. Secondly, Low Voltage outdoor lighting is energy-efficient since it produces more light for every watt.

6) Decorative lighting signifies beauty to homes and offices. Decorative lighting for Residential Outdoor Lighting and Commercial Outdoor lighting do the aesthetic effects at night. Simply put, outdoor lighting creates mood and shapes of the surrounding as it brings out the beauty of the property.

7) Outdoor lighting adds time by providing advantages on your Landscape investment when you choose to stay longer outdoors to relax. Outdoor lights such as patio lights, path lights and garden lights are few examples of exterior lights that give off calmness and relaxation.

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