Water Gardens


waterfall install is unique to each yard.

The sound a waterfall makes can soothe and relax you from a stressful day.

McClard & Son Irrigation is your custom pond and water feature contractor. McClard & Son Irrigation will work with you to design the water feature and pond of your dreams.

Water Garden and Pond Design

A water garden or pond built by McClard & Son Irrigation can add value to your landscape. Enjoy the pleasurable sound of flowing water to relieve the stresses of the day. Entertain friends and family as they gather around your water garden, and admire the beauty and tranquility that it brings to your lawn.

A water garden should be as natural as possible. That’s why at McClard & Son Irrigation we do our best to mimic the characteristics of water in nature. We build each water garden to your specifications, so as in nature, each is unique. We dig out the water garden, add under-liner and 45 mil fish safe liner, and place each stone and boulder by hand to ensure that your waterfall, stream and water garden is done right the first time and will last for years to come. After the water feature is completed we will then place the plants, fish and add landscaping around the water garden to enhance its beauty.

Pondless Water Garden

Some people desire the effect of a water garden without the maintenance involved with a full size pond. McClard & Son Irrigation can install a beautiful pondless waterfall to help you relax and enjoy nature. McClard & Son Irrigation takes the appropriate steps to complete your pondless waterfall so that there is minimal maintenance involved. With a pondless waterfall you do not have to worry about any algae, mosquitoes, or large electric bills. These can be “turned off”, to conserve electricity, at night.

McClard & Son Irrigation can also retrofit any of the ponds or pondless water gardens to your downspouts or outdoor patio, for water harvesting. This can be used to water your lawn or your plants in the natural areas of your yard.

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