Winterize Your Irrigation System



cracked backflow

Winterizing your sprinkler system is essential before freezing occurs.  This the best way to protect your irrigation investment from potentially serious damage this winter.

McClard & Son Irrigation uses the Compressed Air Blow-Out Method:

This method uses compressed air to clear water from the mainline pipe, sprinkler control valves, lateral pipes and sprinkler heads.

The Procedure:

We turn off the water to the irrigation system first.  We then attach the air compressor to the irrigation main line.  This is done by either the test port on the backflow or the union (this is where the backflow is attached to the irrigation line).  We activate the first valve to run for 2 minutes, then we turn on the air compressor (NEVER EXCEEDING 50 psi).     After the first valve is empty of water we then advance to the next valve and continue until all valves have been blown out.  To ensure that the lines are adequately drained, we repeat the cycle a second time.


After all the lines are drained we then turn off the compressor. We turn the controller to “OFF”, and then remove the backflow, cover the exposed pipes and give you the backflow to store for the winter months.

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